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Our design process is one-of-a-kind!  During your ZUNDR Build, a developer will start constructing your brand as your watch. This allows you to provide input and feedback during the creation of YOUR brand. This also our opportunity to explain our process and how we integrate SEO from the very beginning. Your brand will be built with the end in mind! As most business owners do, when you start a company, you expect that with time, it will grow. We understand that and that’s why your brand is built with the end in mind! This allows you to scale quickly with minimal growing pains.

Understand your user experience

When we build your digital brand and the platforms on which it is showcased, we do it with your customer in mind. Your digital brand is your online reputation. That reputation needs to translate into two main areas: Brand Trust and Usability. Your potential customers have never done business with your company and having a great looking and professional digital presence allows you to establish trust with your customer before the first interation ever happens. This increases the odd of them becoming your customer and not your competitors.  Usability is also key! Navigating your website for a customer must be simple and allow them to obtain the information they need with ease. Every click a visitor has to make to navigate, decreases the odds of conversion by 50%! Knowing this, your presence is built to provide the easiest user experience for your customers.

remain responsive across devices

So many devices! It is no surprise that as time goes on, the percentage of website views is primarily coming from mobile devices opposed to a desktop or laptop computer.  Knowing that, we build your digital presence to be responsive across all viewing platforms whether it be a cellphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or any other device. Your customers will be able to see your same professional brand on an easy to use platform increasing your odds of converting them.

fall in love with our features

Traffic Tracking

On a monthly basis we provide traffic metrics for your website. This will show your where the majority of your vistors are coming from and where to focus marketing.

On-Page SEO

As your digital presence is being built, we incorporate On_Page SEO on the back-end of the website. This is a commonly overlooked but important aspect of SEO.

Contact Forms

Your website will have contact forms that are linked to social platforms so that no matter where a customer is inquiring, they become a lead and you receive their contact info.

Call Buttons

Your website will have a call button in plain sight no matter what area of the website your customer is on. This allows them to press the button and call your business directly.

Branded Emails

Reach your customers with the most professional presence. Your emails will be branded with your logos and footer titles. We also set up auto-response emails for inquiries.

Marketing Metrics

We install Facebook Pixel to every website which allows us to track your visitors interaction with your website and also display re-targeting ads to them to increase conversion.

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