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*$199 Startup Fee

Digital Presence





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*$299 Startup Fee

Digital Presence




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*$499 Startup Fee

Digital Presence


Choose the perfect plan

Choose the right plan and any additional features for your business needs. If you are uncertain of which package to select or have additional questions regarding features, please contact our support team for a quick assessment to point you in the right direction.

Choose from sleek layouts

Choose from many different website layouts that will be tailored to your business giving your digital presence professionalism that customers will trust! Our development team can also use images you provide of your work in addition to our market specific images to give your website a truly unique look!

additional features

Business Phone Numbers​

Using your personal cell phone number to run your business is chaos! We provide real business phone numbers including all businesses phone features like call directory, auto-attendants, call forwarding, voicemail, time of day/holiday routing , inbound and outbound recording and callback reminders.

Social Media Management

One of the fastest growing marketing strategies is social platform marketing. This utilizes the large volume of users as an audience for your products and services. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to target the exact customers that are most likely to do business with your company.

Professional Company Emails

Nothing shows your customers professionalism like company branded contact information. Using a company email instead of a Gmail or Yahoo address is a simple way to show your customers that you run an established business and provide goods and services that they can trust.

On & Off page seo

SEO is critical for your business being placed before your competitors in consumer search results. We build your digital presence with that in mind so that over time, beating out your competition is possible. We also provide additional SEO services at very low prices to allow your business to continue outranking competition.

Every Step of the way

Live brand build-out

During the design process, you are able to attend a video conference as the developer gets to work.  This allows you to collaborate directly with the designer to create the perfect brand. 

We have you covered

We will teach you

Our agents will walk you through step-by-step how to use your online portal to access your businesses metrics, account information, company email accounts and our business phone app. 

Here for you, always

Awesome Support

Our support team is always here to help! Login to your ZUNDR Portal and request a phone call or video conference to address any of your digital needs. We are also standing by for any email or telephone correspondence.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

 This is largely dependent on the size of your business currently, what goals you have for your business and how fast you want to reach them. The best value is the GOLD package. It comes with ample features and higher SEO focus than the SILVER package. Attention to SEO allows your business to get noticed in search results sooner and will allow you to out rank your competitors within those results. If a customer searches for services you offer and you appear at the top of the results, they are more likely to choose your business.

While it may seem necessary to have your business on all social media platforms, we focus only on the high volume platforms that generate real customers and are recognized by search engines. Doing so ensures that your business phone is ringing consistency and you’re receiving quality customers.

The answer is YES! Our team of professional content writers focus heavily not only the quality of your websites content but all the quantity. The more quality content that is on your website, the more likely search engines are to populate your businesses first over your competitors.

Our highly skilled team works together to bring your companies complete digital presence to life in 7 days or less. From the drawing board to the official launch, you’ll be there every step of the way.

Sadly, the era of print media is coming to a close. Less than 20% of all marketing and company branding is done via print media.  As the internet has become so readily usable and integrated to our everyday lives, the marketing industry has evolved to use that to its advantage. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to maximize a digital campaigns reach to consumers. This increases the likelihood of a potential customer doing business with your company instead of your competitor.

Nope! Our ZUNDR business phone app is available on the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Market Place. You simply download the app, log into your account and anytime a new customer calls your business phone number it will ring your cell phone. I will also show that the call is coming from your business phone number and not your personal cell phone number. If you dial out from your cell phone, you will also have the option to dial out from your business phone number. This allows your businesses phone number and business name to display on your recipients phone.

We sure do!  During the development stage of your businesses complete digital presence, you’re there every step of the way. Once your brands presence has been completed, a developer on our team will conduct a video meeting to go over any changes you’d like to make so your businesses digital presence is just as unique as your business. If you ever need assistance or would like to add additional things to your site or social platforms, simply schedule a consultation with one of our agents.

Marketing consultations are an opportunity for you to sit down with one of our marketing experts to reassess your companies vision and determine how our team can aid your business achieving that vision. These are conducted via video conference and we will review metrics and statistics from your website, social platforms and call traffic to map out ways to increase those metrics.

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