Call Tracking

In-depth metrics for your business phone

Providing insights that a standard phone provider cannot

your ZUNDR Number is packed with call tracking features on an easy to use platform

Insights that go Beyond

Our ZUNDR Number platform provides features and insights that a traditional business phone service provider is incapable of providing.  These insights give you an in-depth look at call metrics and the outcome of calls do determine areas of improvement to increase your conversion rate.

Once these areas are determined, we help you create campaigns and strategies that can be implemented right away. This allows you to pivot the interaction between you and your customers to increase conversion.  These can be as simple as following up with a customer, shorter call durations or even asking better discovery questions to uncover their needs.

Tools that go Beyond

We host our ZUNDR Numbers

We host the numbers we provide for our clients. We have built our platform to out-perform a traditional phone service provider to give you as the business owner, insights to help your business perform better.

Since we are the business phone number provider, you are able to access all metrics, tools and even your recorded calls directly through your ZUNDR Portal. 

Call metrics

Features that provide truly incredible insights into your telephone interaction with customers.

Conversion Tools

Tools that increase your conversion rate which will translate to more money for your business.

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